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If your not sure what 3D TV you need then please look at the information on this page to help you decide. You can click ‘Active‘ or ‘Passive‘ when you have decided which is best for your needs.

Active 3D TV: The 3D effect is transformed with the electronics in the glasses themselves.

Passive 3D TV: The 3D effect is transformed with a membrane built into the television.

Please visit our ‘Help‘ page for any queries. All contacts receive 10% off our 3D Glasses range and will be emailed a code to use on our Amazon store. This will be valid until 30/06/2012.

Please select which 3D TV type you require to see the range available:


Click for: Passive Click for: Active
Pro’s Con’s Pro’s Con’s
  • Cheaper glasses – £0.69 instead of £20-£100.
  • Ideal for a large family or event.
  • No electronics and easy compatibility with other passive sets.
  • Half the resolution in 3D mode, 1080P becomes 480P.
  • Vertical viewing angle must be fairly level with viewers head.
  • Full Resolution – 1080P 3D in most cases.
  • Ideal for a Gamer aslong as a 3D converter is built in.
  • Glasses can be as much as £100.
  • Top models can be expensive.
  • Batteries need replacing.
  • Cannot use different branded Active glasses on different branded sets.

Welcome to 3DGB

3D TV packages, 3D TV glasses and much more

Welcome to 3DGB, where you can find fantastic 3D TV deals and a range of 3D glasses. If you are looking for cutting edge home entertainment, you have come to the right place.

3DGB is a leading supplier of the latest 3D TVs from top manufacturers, and you can find them at great prices on this site. Here you can also acquire 3D TV glasses and 3D glasses for Blu Ray, DVD and even for the cinema. So, if you would like to set your home up with the latest entertainment technology, this is the place to be.

Thrilling 3D TV

3D TV is certainly the future of home entertainment and if you want to enjoy the latest products we at 3DGB can help. 3D TV adds an edge of extra excitement to watching your favourite programmes – whether they are dramas or sport – and films look amazing with an added dimension. If you are on the lookout for a new television you will of course want the cheapest 3D TV you can find, and our prices are highly competitive. We offer 3D TV packages which include sets of 3D TV glasses and our televisions are compatible with Sky 3D so you will be set up for the future of home entertainment.

See Things in a New Dimension with 3D Glasses

As well as offering 3D TV glasses 3DGB can provide you with 3D glasses for Blu Ray and 3D glasses for DVD. You can also find 3D glasses for the cinema here and you can choose from a number of styles.

There are 3D TV glasses for televisions from Samsung, Panasonic and Sony, and the DVD and Blu Ray spectacles on sale in basic styles to premium fashion shapes or clip-on alternatives.

If you want to see things in an exciting new dimension and enjoy film and television more than ever before, take a look at the top 3D TV packages and 3D glasses here at 3DGB and place your order today.

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